A short review of an art-learning lesson Essay Example

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A short review of an art-learning lesson

Creating thinking is one of the fundamental components of a good art lesson. Being able to create something from different and little components gathered from different parts becomes one of the most creative ways of art. As is a feature in “Critters from Alien Earth,” the design from the procedure significantly shows a great factor of art (Fewings, 2011). From the first stage of the lesson of art learning activity, development of creativity thinking is highly visible (Dinham, 2011). Creating thinking is a significant factor in art learning. This is because through creative thinking, an artist is able to come up with unimaginable creation that is beyond what even a person would expect. This is always one of the most fundamental aspects in “Critters from Alien Earth” exercises and procedures.

From the procedure covered in the first stage of the lesson, it is evident that at the time a student starts the process of coming up with the art, there is no distinct picture of what is to be created. The final picture or painting will be as a collection of the little shredded parts initially drawn. This is a significant component of creative thinking (Fewings, 2011). The basic principle of creative writing is the gathering of information by adding simple and different components together to come up with the actual art. This is exactly what the process covered in this first stage of art painting. Therefore, this process of art painting is a design of developing and enhancing creative thinking.

Creative thinking entails coming up with an idea through a well-thought out procedure that enhances coming up with a piece of art. The process involved in coming up with the “critters from alien earth” involves a specific procedure and use of materials that clearly demonstrates a procedure of an idea well thought of (Fewings, 2011). This is a concept of creative thinking. In addition, the creativity and the whole procedure of coming up with the critters is quite amazing. In the beginning, nobody knows exactly, which distinct feature will come out? Therefore, this process does not create a defined picture or piece of art to be achieved. The fact that irrespective of the uncertainty of what is to be created, the result is always an amazing feature makes this a significant way of developing and supporting creative thinking (Dinham, 2011). This is because the process in itself is a show of high level of creativity. Therefore, this learning activity is a true pathway to developing and supporting creative thinking.


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