A Psychological Perspective Essay Example

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This analysis focuses on the significance of ethnicity on health; it therefore shows how health issues are closely associated with ethnicity. More so, it elaborates of how health professionals in paramedics’ field can do in order to curtail the prevalence of ethnic related health issues.

Ethnicity influence on health

Ethnicity influences an individual health status in many ways and thus cannot be ignored. The economic status of an individual for example largely influences an individual’s health. This is because of access to medical assistance and other basic medical services. This is not the case in Australia alone but in many other countries in the world. As an example, aborigines have a higher mortality rate because their poor health status as compared to other white Australians. On the other hand, statistics has closely linked environment to some diseases such as heart problems and stroke. In the U.S. for instance African-Americans and Hispanic women have a higher rate of heart disease as compared to other ethnic or races. Genetics is also another factor that proves the relationship between ethnicity and diseases such as heart diseases (Barkway, P 2009, p.104). This is fundamentally because of genes mutation which largely influences the health status of individuals.

As a paramedic, there are measures that can be taken to mitigate ethnic related health issues especially economical and environmental because of the possibility of changing these environments. Improving the economical situation of the underprivileged in the society such as the aborigines will result in the reduction of their mortality rates. Improving their economical situation will also result in the reduction of environmental related health issues. Despite the fact that some elements of ethnic related illness not subject to economical or environmental factors, making changes in these areas can significantly contribute to the wellbeing of people with these challenges (Hickie, Groom, McGory, & Davenport 2005).


This paper has elaborated that economical, environmental and genetic variation as evidenced by different ethnic groups play a role in health related issues. It is because of this that economical and environmental related challenges can be solved through enhancement of peoples welfare.


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