A Psychological Perspective Essay Example

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Psychological Perspective2

According to Barkway (2009) biomedical model states that normal behavior is as a result of body equilibrium and abnormal behavior is as a consequence of body pathology or function of the brain. On the other hand, biopsychosocial model asserts that ill health is as a result of a number of interactions such as biological, social and psychological factors. In biopsychosocial model, biological indices are highly regarded but the model considers both psychological and social factors of a disease risk. While biomedical model was based on somatic parameters only, it gives less room for the psychological, behavioral and social factors of a disease unlike the biopsychosocial model which considers all these factors in comprehending and treatment of a disease. It is also worth to note that biomedical model was the foundation of understanding bodily function and causes of illness, biopsychosocial model developed later after researchers found it inconveniencing and also derailing to view illness in a biomedical model alone. Biopsychosocial model was therefore developed to improve on the weaknesses of biomedical model (Barkway 2009, p.67).

In my own view, the difference between these two models is basically the scope or the limits that each model presents. No model however can be considered absolutely true because of many factors that contribute to the understanding of a disease or illness. While biomedical model is limited in my view, biopsychosocial model presents a wider scope of view which is imperative in developing future models that should be able to explain causes and better management of illness.

Barkway, P 2009, Psychology for health professionals, Elsevier Australia, Melbourne. (Chapter 4) PP. 65-78.