A Psychological Perspective 10 Essay Example

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A Psychological Perspective 10

October 7, 2011

A Psychological Perspective 10


Health behaviors are actions that enhance, maintain or threaten the behavior of an individual. They are activities that a person practices or abstains from in order to maintain health or reduce the risk of illness or accident; and they can be negative or positive (Barkway & Kenny 2009 p 126).


One of the significant and positive health behaviors that I am proud of in my life is the fact that I follow a healthy diet and eat in moderation. This behavior has brought enormous health benefits in my life because my job does not allow me to go to the gym or field to burn out excess fat after eating chunky food. One very important factor that influences me to develop this behavior is the nature of my job. Being a medical records analyst, I spend most of my time sitting in front of a computer and therefore, I am forced to follow a healthy diet eat in moderation to avoid negative impacts of unhealthy diet such as obesity. The less healthy behavior that I can contrast with mine is the phenomenon whereby people have developed appetite for chunky foods like fries, cakes, pizzas among others and they still love to drive or travel by bus (Russell 1999 P 97). I find this behavior unhealthy because it poses cardiovascular risks, high blood pressure, over weight, anxiety among other complications that can cost ones life.


Individual’s health behaviors are influenced by various social, physical and psychological factors (Alder 1999, p. 73). These behaviors can be predicted by psychological models and theories; however, these theories and models are not necessarily applicable universally.


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