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Week 5 – Portfolio: SWOT Analysis



S1: Clear presentation skills

S2: Good articulation of points in logical manner

S3: Good use of visual slides and aides to support the points

S4: Understanding the content

S5: Understand specific needs of audience

W1: Sometimes speaking too fast

W2: Stage fright

W3: Sometime I am nervous when presenting

W4: Fear of confusing points of presentation


O1: I need to practice more and more to improve my presentation

O2: I will need relevant training program to improve my articulation skills

O3: I need to practice more and more

T1: I face stiff competition from other students who have mastered elements of critical thinking and presentation.

T2: Lack of preparation materials for presentation.

T3: Complexities in condensing different materials into one presentation of say 15-30 minutes

Strategies of Overcoming the Weaknesses Identified

One of the weaknesses I have identified as far as my presentation is concerned is stage fright. Leading, I recognize that even people with experience in presentations have challenges depending on the stage. However, I will be overcoming this weakness by learning to relax and develop confidence in what I have planned to say so that I will not only follow a few tricks of mastering my presentations but also help in putting my points across.

The other weakness that I have identified is that sometime I am nervous when making presentation. The best approach in overcoming this weakness is to understand my audience. In most cases, I become nervous because I do not understand socio-cultural backgrounds of my audience and this creates the nervousness as I do not know whether what I am going to say will be up to the expectation. For instance, if I will be presenting to my classmates then I will know what interests them and how I can connect the topic to some of the challenges we face in class. This however, need that I cover the presentation points within the confines of time allocated so that all the points that the audience expect are covered succinctly.