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A Personal Statement

A Personal Statement

Education is the pillar of any development and civilization in any society. I strongly embrace education and is for this reason I express my interest to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at your institution. I do believe that this is an awesome opportunity for me to achieve my personal, academic and career goals.

Since my childhood, I always aspired to study to the highest level of education to impact the society positively. My motivation to pursue psychology came from the experience of my friend at the elementary level. He was suffering from a mental disorder and this made other children to isolate him. I developed compassion and interest to help such people when I grow up.

This dream began when I joined a local college and pursued a Diploma in Psychology to gain skills and knowledge on human mind and behaviors. On finishing, I worked for Queensland health for 10 years on nursing bank. I worked on the Phycy ward and handled various cases but specialized on clients with post baby depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia and Bipolar and threat of harm. I also worked in shifts where I handled patients suffering from dementia. I have also helped my sister in law suffering from schizophrenia and my brother suffering from bipolar.

This opportunity has widened my experience in dealing with different cases of mental problems. I do feel it is now time to pursue higher level of education to gain in depth knowledge in the area. At 56 years, I feel that I am still energetic and ambitious to meet my academics and career objectives I have always aspired to achieve. I as well feel that I have the potential to help transform the society by pursuing this degree.

I strategically decided to choose this institution because of its record of accomplishment and conducive learning environment. I look forward to be part of your community to help transform our society into a healthy nation. I will be glad to be part of you.


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