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Album Review

Pretenders, «Alone.»

Chris Hynde

Chris Hynde chooses «Alone» as the album title since the latest of her albums, «Pretenders» is a commemoration of his late 70s without band members. She examines both the want for being by yourself and the empowerment that loneliness generates. But, of course, Hynde is not alone here. Since her 2008 Reek up the Concrete, Hynde’s first pretender’s LP ends up sparking following her collaborative relationship with the nativist, Auerbach Dan. Alone is a share of overt musical nodes that keeps with Auerbach’s work with the Arcs and the Black Keys. The mid-century blues pulls towards the classic R&B, Spector-ized ‘60s. Hynde’s solo 2014 album Stockholm marks her dance of modernity. Though, her contentment of being the sole proprietor of the Pretenders, on a deeper level, insinuates that she has been alone for a while.

Apart from her 2002’s Loose Screw with Martin Chambers, there is no session that she has done with the Original Drummer. In the song, Alone, Hynde places herself in the context of her place and time, as a singer, and composer. The opening track, nobody tells me I can’t is a hard push back and a bluesy gem for those who dared doubt her. Gotta Wait is an impressive set. She strikes a balance between her re-emerging independence and the lingering regret. This song is a chat of her revolution which makes use of her famous final chord hums, pushing herself away from the obvious piano. Though it becomes a bit tedious to listen to sometimes, it is often fascinating.

Alone, the song that titles the album takes an inward narrative turn. It is a masterpiece that reproofs even those people who are rugged to individualism thus addressing the darker emotional forces that surround them. Regarding style, it is a revisit to the same decades-old standards. It is one of the songs that comprise every element committed to its material. Her withered grasp opens to Let’s Get Lost, which is an endless list of classic tunes from the old-era. The vocals match impeccably with the strings that are pulled with care and attention. She appears to be sentimentally buried in this song, a characteristic feature of singers in the past.

She sings her next song, the man you are with the sense of despair she may not have intended. It portrays the use of a setting that best suits her. I hate myself is a loving glance, and a tribute to her personality. Delicately, she lies out the costs of her loneliness thus exploring to a certain degree, the practical side of her existence. Evidently, it is a rare swerve to her reflective mood. With just as much brutal honesty, she sings, death is not enough to express her feelings about heartbreaks. The song is also a lament of band mates who have remained paramount characters in her emotional life.

The album is a tribute to the utterly compelling and nuanced character that Chris Hynde has always been as songwriter and composer. It is also an aide-memoire of the heart and soul she plays at the face of the ever-evolving Pretenders.