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Mashup Website


Chicago.everyblock.com is a mashup website for those interested or living in Chicago. It was initially chicagocrime.org, a mashup of Chicago Police Department and google maps. It identifies news about neighborhoods, small businesses, and restaurants of Chicago and matches it to Chicago’s interactive map. Users can scroll over the marked nodes on the map of Chicago and read information about the particular location. Users can use and organize data by ward, date, ZIP; police beat or type of crime for their own purposes. Any municipality or state can use this tool to bolster tourism, economic activity or provide news and information.

Type of data sources/Type of Mashup

Chicago.everyblock.com is a consumer data mashup combining different information from multiple sources into a single data source. The website combines data from official crime reports with discussion about neighborhood, and photos sourced by citizen in neighborhoods to provide a greater situational image of the neighborhoods of Chicago. By combining information on crime and other neighborhood information such as restaurants inspections, media mentions and building permits, EveryBlock ensures that it provides one-stop destination for general lifestyle information and public safety.

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