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To: Jackson Spalding

Subject: The need to adapt to other means of internal communication rather than emails

Public relations are all about effective communication as this form a basis for communication between the company and its clients. However, the use of email to facilitate internal communication in public relations companies has proved to be a major undoing because employees do not find time to interact and share ideas with each other. It is, therefore, essential to find other means to facilitate communication within your company other than the use of emails.

Jason Doris, who is the CEO of Atomic 212, suggests that since the PR firm introduced a ban for emails for internal communication, the company has witnessed significant results. Jackson Spalding should, therefore, think about implementing the same ban in its company to facilitate oral communication. However, it is essential that the process is done gradually in such a way that it is done from one department to the other. This way, the company will realize the benefits of effective business communication.

Moreover, the top management of the company should lead in the process of adapting to the new guidelines for internal communication. After the directives
are implemented in the entire organization, the next step is to evaluate the progress among the employees. Additionally, after the implementation, the employees should be able to communicate better between themselves and the company’s clients. However, external communication should continue with the use of emails because of the need for documentation. In the end, the Jackson Spalding will have promoted a lively environment within the company and enhanced the way people communicate within the organization.


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