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“A Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard”

“A Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard”

The discussion about the ‘A Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard’s case has made me understand and agree with the idea that all corporations have several stakeholders. The processes, choices, or strategies of the company could affect the stakeholders including the groups of people or individual people.

I am convinced that the in the case involving ‘A Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard’, the Walt Disney Company, city council, and the developer, who were the main parties, did not consider effect of their views. Basic steps are required in ensuring that they had only included the right people while considering the consequences of their work.

I always take time to ensure that any kind of decision that I make does not affect the other people round me negatively because the decision could have harmed me as well. The case has affected my ability to be patient as I wait for the right decisions to come up. As such, I have constructed several questions to focus on when considering the decisions to favor among the eminent ones including:

  1. Who would my decision affect in the organization? Should I:

    1. Not let them know of my decision

    2. Let them know first

    3. Should they know about it? Why?

  2. Who are the external people to the organization could be affected and who Should be:

    1. Consulted first

    2. Consulted afterwards

    3. Needs support and resources

    4. Who should or shouldn’t know?

  3. Which communication Strategy should I set up to ensure that no or minimum conflicts arise from my decisions?

In addition, I would endeavor into considering the potential opportunities and risks to our organization when I opt to take any step (Business in Society, n.d.). This case is important to my study because it has made me realize that I would need to observe the issues that I have raised in the questions above to ensure that I have addressed all the issues of the stakeholders in difficult circumstances.


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