700 word reflective denouement Essay Example

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Management skills is one of the units I take in my studies and reflections forms part of the assessments in this unit. Prior to this I had written on some topics that are related to what we learned in the classes. Now at the end of my reflection I have developed useful pieces of information on management skills and the ability of reflection is one of these skills. By viewing my reflections I notice that my initial reflection was not that good, but this does not mean it was bad, I want to be positive. But on trying to write others I discovered that my ability keeps improving thus recognizing the necessity of the reflection as a tool that is essential for managers to use in their work daily.

To become more reflective, I discovered that one should develop an understanding of himself/herself in many areas.  Key areas for reflection include our personal values, personality traits, emotions, habits, and the psychological needs that drive our behaviour. It is an essential initial step toward the maximization of management skills. This tool helps managers to evaluate their weaknesses, limitations and strengths. It also aids them in setting realistic goals with a mind on success. At the work place the managers are in position to understand how to assess themselves against targets of production and deadlines. The managers are able to understand how to communicate and manage their communication effectively, work collaboratively with the rest to the development of a range of skills in management, identify and cultivate the competences needed to manage effectively in their organisation. Personal effectiveness of reflective learners is developed and self-improved, especially when there is a feedback from others. Reflection also assists manager become creative thinkers thus helping them in demonstration of their creative thinking by exploring and generating ideas and in making connections that are original. They approach problem from different ways in order to come up with outcomes of value and solutions that are imaginative with the assistance of others. Reflection improves one’s judgment and helps one figure out opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

I came up with several points on analyzing my attempts of reflections from the management perspective. First of all, management skills can be learned; Effective skills of management are learned and practiced. Developing a good manager requires experience, but it is also a character that can be built on a daily basis. Many opportunities are offered on every work day that creates room for improvement. Experience too can be handy as a great teacher for the very fact that someone may have great leadership ability but still do mistakes in some situations. An example is the emotional intelligence as a skill that can clearly be learned. The managers who posses training and experience can have their emotions under control and keep the relationship with the employees on check.

Secondly to learn this skill, time and patience are mandatory. This makes me think that the managers must be patient and continuously keep improving on their skills and learning new ones. The manager should also be patient while working with the employees and allow them some time to learn and have their jobs done in ways that are perfect. In addition to this, reflections have taught me Managing conflict in workplace. This is one of the most important skills for every manager to be aware since it is natural for conflict or disagreement to happen in all workplaces where different people of different age, gender, perspective attitude and personality. Not every conflict is negative some can turn out to be positive. An example is in a case where the conflict encourages the employee to do their best thereby leading to an increase in the performance to a high level notwithstanding the productivity. But if the conflict leads to a bad effect on the overall work place environment, these are warning signs that the manager should take note and understand. The conflict varies based on its early recognition and complexity. Some conflicts can be handled in short time while others need a longer time to manage and solve. These points I have come up with from reflection will be handy in managing my work place in future.