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4th July 2011

At a Crossroads: Video Game Addiction

The above article is authored by Paula Bach and Chris Jordan. From the title of the article, it is explicitly clear that the authors strive to explore the negative aspects brought by the development of information technology (p.1). Such negative aspects outlined in the article include addiction to video games which results into loss of money, hours of working and development of unwanted behaviours such as stealing money to pay for video games (p.1). The authors clearly connects the addition that results from drug use to the addition that results from video gaming by showing biologically how the brain system is affected by both types of addictions.

By doing this the authors desire to make it clear to those involved in video gaming that the problem of video gaming addition is real just like the problem of drug addiction is real. Some of the hurdles experienced in dealing with the problem of video gaming are outlined in the article. It includes the problem of people involved in the addiction admitting that they have a problem of video gaming addiction which makes it hard for them to receive the required help.


The authors manage to bring out the positive and the negative sides of video gaming in order to eliminate any forms of biasness in their arguments. The author’s position on the benefits of developments of IT is brought well in the beginning of the article where he states clearly that video gaming which is largely played in the computers helps to relieve some stress and is therefore a form of fun which people should enjoy.

However, citing studies and real situations in life, the authors manage to convince the readers that although the development of IT has positive outcomes it also has negative outcomes especially when people use most of their time exploring IT developments such as video gaming. The article is well balanced in arguments and leaves space for further studies to be conducted in order to answer various questions raised by the authors (p.2). Such a question include “whether constant usage of computers means that a person is susceptible to the same addictive effects”. The authors offer a solution such as counselling as one of the ways of helping people involved in video gaming addiction.

The article is simple to understand and connects the reader to the real life situations that occur in the readers surrounding environment. The article leaves room for more studies to explore further the effects of video gaming which a worthwhile approach is used by the authors to open more discussion and input on the issue of video gaming.

Violent Components and Interactive Mode of Computer Video Game on Player’s Negative Social Effect

The above article is authored by Xue-min Zhang and his colleagues. The authors’ objective is to explore some of the negative aspects that originate or brought by IT development in the social life of those that interact with IT. Video games are some of the by-products of IT development identified in the article. The authors reveal the negative aspects of violent video games such as increased cases of juvenile violence which originate from children getting involved in watching violent video games (p. 95).

Other aspects of human development addressed by the authors that are affected by IT development include negative effects in personality development such as anti-social actions and emotions, aggression and increased hostility among the video game players. The authors create convincing arguments about the development of IT by exploring a number of areas in the human life that are mostly affected by the development of IT. Using video games as an example of IT development that authors manage to show how violent video games affect the social aspect of the human life (p. 96).


Although the authors seeks to explore the negative social aspects brought by violent video gaming, the authors manage to strike a balance by stating that video gaming is beneficial to the players in that it enhances brain co-ordination, better hand and eye co-ordination and manual dexterity. The article identifies clear areas of life which the readers can identify especially the fact that most video games are violent in nature and the players of the video games are drawn to the violence such that they get involved in similar acts of violence seen in the violent video games (p. 96-97).

The authors draw information from a wide range of sources including experiments in order to show that indeed violent video games have a negative impact in the players’ social life. It is evident from the article that the authors perceive the development of IT from a negative point of view especially the effects of IT development on the social aspects of the human life.

The article is informative and educative because it seeks to show that violent video games are real life experiences which affect the social aspect of the human life. Using experiments the authors manage to provide answers to different questions that have not been explored before. Such questions include whether people like violent video games and whether violent video games have any negative effects on the players. The article is therefore important and useful for all those people who anticipate changing their video gaming behaviour.

Revolution in technologies creates new opportunities for crime

The above article is featured in the platypus magazine. The title of the article reveals the fact that development of IT has brought negative aspects in the human lives. The article explores the effects of cyberspace games in the lives of the children (p.3). The development of IT is associated the rising cases of traditional crimes among the children. Such traditional crimes identified in the article include increased cases of children involvement in sexual behaviours because of the increased pornographic materials children watch in the internet.

The article associates the development of IT with the increased cases of children molestations because children become vulnerable when they use the internet without supervision from an adult (p. 4). This is because as the children play, learn and communicate over the internet they become victims of crime without their prior knowledge of what they are getting into.


The authors manage to convincingly present arguments that show how the development of IT has indeed resulted into increased cases of traditional crimes and particularly crimes that target the children. Citing cases of people arrested after luring children through the IT into their committing crimes, the author shows clearly that the development of IT can and will continue to affect children lives negatively in the future (p. 5). However, the author is quick to point out the fact that the development of IT can also be used as the solution to the same problems arising from IT development.

Raising community awareness using the information technologies regarding issues such as online sex crimes is one such solution proposed by the author. The author also cites the fact that working locally, nationally and with overseas law agents require the use of IT to fight the problems arising from the development of IT. In this perspective, the position of the author regarding the development of IT is that IT can be used as the solution to its own problems.

The article is informative and educative in that it provides information about the real cases that have emerged as a result of IT development. It is important for the parents who leave their children exposed to the internet because it provides information about the dangers their children are exposed to when not supervised in using the internet. The article uses the vulnerable segment of the population (the children) to show the future repercussions that might crop up when children are not monitored when using IT.


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