4Article Review- The China Threat Issue Essay Example

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4Article Review- The China Threat Issue

Article Review- The China Threat Issue

The China Threat Issue

Among the many analysts that have aired their views on the China Threat Issue is Roy Denny. In his work, on This articleThe China Threat Issue, he argues that this issue is among the contentious issues under discussion. endeavors to bring forward arguments on the endless attempts by China to achieve representation in the global arena and the obligatory responses to the China issue.

In The China Threat Issue, Roy (1996) argues that China is more likely to destabilize global security as a result of its rapid economic growth that supports it in terms of military security, technologically. To a great extent this has enabled China claim a powerful position in the global arena resulting to China depending on herself in almost all sectors of the economy. Roy (1996) work no doubt displays a critical analysis of the issue by chronologically categorizing arguments that give comprehensive ideas about China’s being a menace and other views that explain China not being a risk to global security.

The views on China’s being a threat are inclusive of China’s Military upsurge- China’s spending levels on martial forces is escalating by the day. An increase in military expansion is an evidence of an upcoming challenge to the global security (Roy, 1996). China is noted to have no respect to CCP ideals that advocate for reverence of global law, augmented human civil liberties among others. It seems China has shifted all her energies towards breaching the norms that create world security and running her affairs independently.

China is also displaying all characteristics of an outstanding power by not settling on imposition of rules by other powers but attempting to also show her muscle by imposing rules on other countries. Roy (1996) continues to argue that China has no room for consultations on the dealings that concern her state and other states, jeopardizing the endless efforts to create a peaceful milieu.

In respect to opinions against China being a threat, Roy (1996) gives outlooks that China may not be in a position to be a threat to the globe in as much it would like to. This is constrained by China’s dependence on other countries for economic development. She cannot afford to infringe her peaceful relationship with her purveys and consumers who are the backbone of her economy and well being. Additionally, China has had a long history of peaceful relations with her neighbors and not even at one moment was she tempted to conquer her surrounding neighbors.

China’s military expenditure is not alarming and is good enough for her well being. Lastly, China’s debate has been termed as racist in nature and that the benefits derived from China outweigh the security challenges that are supposedly to occur.

Whilst Roy (1996) attempts to critically analyze this issue one needs to take an investigative stand. Throughout his depiction Roy’s views display comprehensive research and will beyond a shadow of a doubt be beneficial to a researcher on China’s threat Issue.


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