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3Personal Statement

Personal Statement

I am applying to join The University of Notre Dame in Sydney for Bachelor in Primary education and Bachelor-Twelve undergraduate degree. I am a principled individual who leads by example and relates well with others. I posses strong leadership qualities since I have held several leadership positions. I was the school captain in primary school in charge of the entire student body. In high school, I was a peer support leader, camp leader, mentor and also a coach to the sporting teams of 10-13 year olds. I carried out my leadership duties well and look forward to more leadership responsibilities if given the chance to join The University of Notre Dame.

I am highly disciplined and religious. I attend the Greek Orthodox mass regularly. I posses excellent communication skills and can speak well in public. I have been addressing crowds of over 800 audiences, including parents, teachers and students. I am committed to family values and cherish meaningful friendships and peer interactions. I am also committed to the church, school and community. I have participated in voluntary community service on several occasions because I understand its value. I have been part of child-minding and day care projects within my community. I have voluntarily coached the local netball team for four years and umpired for two years without pay. I have represented my school in several sporting capacities including netball, swimming and basketball.

One challenge that I face is exam trauma. However, exam results are not affected by the exam trauma. However, I am working hard to triumph and I am undergoing treatment to counter this anxiety. I would love to join your university because it offers a serene learning environment coupled with other conditions such as pastoral care, mentorship and excellent teaching programs among many others. I believe that I have the qualities that make me suitable for a career in teaching and that the University of Notre Dame can make my dream come true.