3Designing and Developing as an effective teacher Essay Example

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3Designing and Developing as an effective teacher


Designing and developing as an effective teacher

The learning and teaching approaches enable the student acquire a broad scope of knowledge-values key for a sustainable future. Class discussions on various financial instruments, time value of money, budgeting enable the students develop the ability to express their thoughts among classmates and thus create team work. Asking and answering of questions approach enables students develop skills of critical thinking, solving problems both at local and international level. For instance, asking learners on the importance of data organisation, what they understand by control systems or capital budgeting. Lectures in class also contribute in
helping students solve financial problems. They will assist the students be aware of the challenges of developing financial formulas as well as examine the purpose, structure and operation of financial accounting theory. Students will also be able to prepare accounting reports to meet the information needs as well as be introduced to standard financial formulas and their application, time, value of money, valuation techniques, and investment appraisal methods.

Assignment 2:

The pedagogy and assessment are contextualised — What

The assessments are in line with the pedagogy. The quizzes given are appropriate to the level of the students. The instructions are clear and definite to the learners. The marking criterion is also very clear to the tutors-consistency and reliability is marked fairly as well as spreading of grades. For instance, five multiple choice questions are given to the learners and answers provided at the end of them for the tutor, an individual report which is awarded 30% and the final exam which is 40%, comprising of multiple choices and calculations. The assessments are in line with the pedagogy. All what is assessed from the quizzes, project and final exam is from the content to be taught. For instance, the multiple choice questions are related to the pedagogy. Some include: 1) Assume that an investor is offered a choice of a risk-free government bond that is expected to return 3.5 percent or a high-risk corporate stock. According to one of the axioms of finance, what would induce the investor to purchase the corporate stock?

2) Corporations are allowed to deduct specific expenses for income tax purposes. Which of the following is an allowable tax-deductible expense?

This proves that the assessment is in line with the pedagogy.

Alignment of assessment and pedagogy is explained – owHHow

The learning activities are designed in a way that the learner is able to design and implement financial strategies, prepare accounting tools, demonstrate the types of controls needed in financial accounting, and discuss various capital-budgeting tools and apply them to
financial decision-making. These aspects are assessed by the tutors to their learners.The grading has been categorised in a manner that each aspect of the content is assessed. If one aspect is not grasped the other may be acquired by the learner. It is so as learners are not in a position to learn everything. They may specialise in what they are comfortable in. The content and analysis is analysed on its own, presentation of the project professionally in accordance to the guidelines of the business undergraduate assessment guideline booklet and if the work is original.

Alignment of assessment and pedagogy is justified – Why

The alignment of assessment and pedagogy is justified. The objectives of the lesson are clearly outlined in the learning outcomes. The assessments on the other hand are in line with the pedagogy. The Assessment schedule –quizzes, project and final exam are set in line with the content to be taught. At the end of the term there is no question set outside the content designed. The allocation of marks is also in line with the objective to be taught.