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Reflective Journals B

In the O’Reilly Factor hosted by Bill O’Reilly that is aired on Fox News, O’Reilly in the ‘Anarchy in America’ topic argue that Malia Cohen, San Francisco Board of Supervisors is a disgrace and should be arrested for failing to obey the federal law. The supervisors failed to cooperate with federal authorities in detaining illegal alien criminals; rather they preferred retaining their sanctuary city policy. The way O’Reilly expressed his point of view is unacceptable for calling Cohen a disgrace, for me I would have argued against Supervisors actions of not cooperating with federal authorities without mentioning names or using intimidating words (O’Reilly, 2015).

Reporting on Appeals court ruling against the immigration plan by Obama’s administration, fox News’ Matt Dean and Shannon Bream convey their opinions according to their judgment and they were neutral since they did not support either the ruling or the government
(Bream & Dean, 2015).

Informative presentation intends to offer statistics, facts or general evidence while persuasive presentation seeks to convince the audience that a particular opinion or point of view is correct. Example of persuasive presentation is speech by statesmen and ancient philosophers such as Aristotle and Marcus Tullius Cicero. Example of informative presentation is a presentation on converting wind to energy.

The two television programs that look similar yet different are the Z Nation and The Walking Dead with theformer appearing to be the cheaper version of the latter. Z Nation visualize an epic struggle to save civilization following a zombie apocalypse while the Walking dead visualize a group of persons attempting to survive in a world dominated by the walkers (zombies).

A CNN reporter, Kelly Wallace reports how identical twin sisters were reunited after 25 years after separating at birth. Neither woman knew she had a twin sister until they were connected through Facebook. The reporter informs the reader how the sister came to know they are identical and towards the end she engages the reader by asking for their opinion (Wallace, 2014).

CNN in what appears to be a biased reporting against Israel through their senior international correspondent, Ben Wedeman reported that four Israelis, two Palestinians had been killed in synagogue attack bearing in mind that the attack was an act of terrorism from the two Palestinians (Washington Free Beacon, 2014).

Knowing the audience prior to giving a speech is important because it facilitates in discovering information, which help in building common ground between the audience and the speaker. Besides that, knowing the audience help the speaker to speak his/her audience in understandable language. I expect only 75% of the audience to remember my informative presentation, only if I add new information to what they already know.

I learn best when in groups or other people so interpersonal learning style works for me well.

In the CNN’s The Good Stuff show, the show how a customer dining in Wichita, Kansas, became so fascinated with the positive attitude of his server to an extent that he tipped him approximately $25,000 to buy new teeth set.

Undeniably, physically challenged people are often invisible in television shows and movies, but ER aired in NBC is a show that has changed the perceptions of the audience about people with disabilities.

In spite of the refutations from the Keeping up with the Kardashiansnetwork, it is without doubt that the Kardashians used Lamar Odom’s Illness to get ratings by visiting Odom at the hospital with cameras.

The presentation was about Audience Analysis and I learnt that understanding and knowing the needs and background of the targeted audience is crucial, because it helps the speaker to prepare his speech effectively.

In 1997 during the Macworld Expo Steve Job informed the public that a partnership between Apple and Microsoft had been agreed whereby Internet Explorer would be used as t Macintosh default browser. The speech given my Steve Jobs was very effective because it informs the audience about the partnership between two rival companies (Jobs, 1997).

I would talk about Apple’s iPhone in terms of features, usability, portability, security and privacy settings

Inequality has been a key social issue in United States, and even though policies have been put in place to promote equality the number of blacks employed in US companies is very low as compared to the whites. The black must be given equal opportunity as the whites by introducing strict laws that need companies to have a certain percentage of black employees in its workforce.

A friend tried to persuade me to accompany him to a cinema hall to watch a brand new movie “avatar” although I had other errands to focus on, he convinced me that the movie was a hit and I could not afford to miss it.

I downloaded a 7-days trial disk cleaner software a period within which the product was half the price at 50% discount. After the seven days the software would cost its original price of $147. So I was persuaded to buy it at half price rather than the original price.

I believe the principle of consensus do work because most people, especially the younger generation buy things that they have seen with others such as phones, clothes or accessories.

A person has to reason first before making any decision considering that reasoning enables us to become sensibleand be able to gather information crucial for making decisions.

The product I believe I will never buy is a golden watch, which normally uses the principle of scarcity; for instance in eBay they indicate the retail value of golden Quartz to be $1699 but they sell at $1390 an offer than last for 24 hours.

I think discontinuance is more challenging because it is hard to persuade the audience to stop doing what appears to be there culture like smoking and drinking alcohol.

In view of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I have achieved biological and physiological needs, safety needs and belongingness and love needs. For two years I have been at the third level but I hope in the coming years I will achieve self-actualization needs.

I had a conversation with a friend about a football match that I had not watched and the reason for the conversation was to gain information on which team won and meet my needs of knowing if the team I support performed well.

I met my friend the first day I joined the university we were both new to the environment and had no clue on what to do or where to go. Since our friendship has developed from mere relationship to a deeper and more intimate relationship; therefore, it followed the social penetration theory.

There was a time I was exceedingly addicted to video games, and even though my mom kept insisting that it was unhealthy and I dismissed her claims by arguing that even my friends play video games.

Appeal to emotion is without doubt more powerful since we are emotional individuals who erroneously decide and form beliefs in terms of emotions even when we are told otherwise by logic and reason. For instance, images of children suffering emotionally appeal people to help.

Valspar, a painting company used appeals to emotions so as to sell its paint products. The advertisement use nature such as flowers close to a waterfall and a mountain reddish brown environment (Newman, 2010).

Without doubt not every persuasion is ethical; for instance, persuasion with the intention of personal gain without regard for others is unethical. I think persuading others is ethical when both parties benefit in one way or another.

Nike advertisements are based on fallacies since they offer an impression that the majority of the greatest athletes use Nike products and that is why they are incredible; so, buying the Nike products makes one incredible in what he/she does.

A 30-second advertisement by a politician is an effective tool to persuade voters to support him or her as evidenced in 2008 during Obama campaign. The ads provided clear-cut reasons why Obama made a good president of United States.

An advertisement on the negative effects of smoking persuaded me that smoking is bad after seeing real pictures of people suffering from smoking-related diseases and their appeal to the smokers to stop smoking because it results in negative health effects such as cancer.

Hi, my name is Kevin Richard and I sell movies and music. I work on a movies store and I sell latest movies, music, series and software. If you are wondering what is the latest hit movie or song, then visit my music store.

The elevator pitch is too detailed and very lengthy and focuses entirely on his strengths. He asks a question to the audience making it more complicated (Monfort College of Business, 2015).

Our understanding is limited by viewing not verbal communion as thatwhich is not verbal communication because the means of communicating are different and cannot be compared to that of verbal communication.

I admire Tyra Banks because she helps people, especially the models to reach their full potential. Tyra banks when making verbal communication still expresses her views with her hands making it easy for a person to understand what she is saying even when the sound is turned off.

Lie detector tests are considered reliable because only a few people are able to simultaneously control all three physiological functions and that it is easy to know when a person is saying a lie because lying is stressful.

I value time and most of my time is spend; reading, watching, socializing, visiting friends, going to church, physical exercising, and sleeping.

In the current digital age, time is a relevant factor in communication because it facilitates online business and trading. For instance, in the stock market a person can get into the market prior to its closure. Besides that, people can communicate more hastily and make quick decisions than before.

My favorite feature in Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is inserting animation. This can be achieved by five steps:

  1. Clicking on the text or image that the user wants to animate

  2. Going to the ‘animation’ tab

  3. Selecting the desirable animation

  4. Specifying whether the animation should start

  5. Previewing the effect

A football game in the Asian Cup
between Australia and South Korea where Australia emerged winners: The program can be viewed without sound because the players name are in their jersey and the teams jersey were different in color.

Non-verbal communication is normally utilized for expressing views that would be unacceptable if explicitly communicated. Words that are usually explicit include gestures. On the other hand, nonverbal communication comes out in a manner that reveals our underlying feelings or thoughts.

A number of slogans for Pizza include:

  • I am cuckoo for pizza

  • Happiness is Pizza-shaped

  • The pizza that refreshes

Recently I communicated with my cousin who lives miles away; he was suggesting that we meet on the weekend for some road trip. Sadly, I had to reject because we were planning to go swimming that vey weekend.

J&K Consultant Company

Sales Meeting Agenda

Date/Time: November 23, 2015 10am – 2pm

Location: Conference Room


Marketing Manager

Assistant Marketing Manager

Sales Manages

Sales personnel


Discussing the quarterly sales report and results from the latest marketing campaign

May I Toast to our success and may we at all times be ablaze with passion for our work, and never fired up unreservedly by our clients.

The press interview offers the business an ability to reach nearly all media outlets simultaneously while managing the message and also build anticipation or excitement concerning an event. They are crucial for launching a new marketing campaign or introducing a new product in the market.

Opening a new coffee shop as market growth strategy can succeed if a positive relationship is built with local press. So as to succeed and get valuable PR coverage in the media I would: I will make friends with journalists and editors, give them what they want (facts, pictures and figures), and give them interviews.

In a number of press interviews that I have observed, the interviewee always come prepared and is never nervous. They are first allowed to give their opening statement before allowing to be asked a number of questions/

While being interviewed by Piers Morgan, Christine O’Donnell, a former Republican Party candidate walked out after the latter asked her what was her views on gay marriage (Plunkett, 2015).

In 2014, Oscar’s acceptance speech by Lupita Nyong’o was incredible and effective on how beauty can be discovered in the skin regardless of the color.
In 2004, Sean Penn Oscar acceptance Speech can be considered ineffective because it did not have an introduction and was inconsequential.

  1. I love dancing

  2. I can cook

  3. I am addicted to technology

  4. I fear heights

  5. I love watching animation movies

I consider Lupita Nyong’o Oscar award acceptance speech very effective because she proved that a person ability and potential is not determined by race or the color of the skin. She inspires young black women by telling them that their beauty lies on their skin and should not give up on their dream because of their color (News.com.au, 2014).

I think Sean Penn Oscar acceptance Speech is ineffective since he negatively commented about Alejandro González Iñárri, the Mystic River star’s green card. The joke was considered racist and irrelevant by many observers (Child, 2015).

I met with our instructor who teaches us a particular unit on my way to the library. He told me to tell my classmates that he will not attend his lesson the coming day because he had an emergency; therefore, we should use the time to complete the unit assignment.

Things that grab my attention include:

  1. Buzzwords such as free

  2. Statements written in bold or italics

  3. Information presented in a sequential, logical pattern

  4. Emotional images

  5. Inspiring images and texts

Instances when one should indirectly deliver negative news include accident or death news. One use a buffer statement so as to cushion the bad news; for instance, if a person has lost a loved one the massager should start first by telling how much the was good and everything will be ok.

We have been working very hard, but the state of affairs at the market has regrettably reduced our sales. Things will be okay, for now we should all accept a 20 percent for continued existence of the company.

In one of my assignments, my instructors emailed me citing that I had not followed the instructions as indicated in the assignment paper. I was required to redo the assignment before the deadline. Even though it cost me a lot of time I learnt the essence and understating the question before answering it.

A crisis communication plan should have; a team for crisis communication; positioning, elected spokesperson, media procedures as well as policies, news release, key audiences and collateral materials.

Most people don’t know what to do in a crisis situation; thus, exacerbating the situation. Even though it is not easy to predict a looming crisis but it can be addressed through effective communication and being prepared.

I am reading a management book, my focus is drawn away by people moving up and down in the library so am just moving from one page to another without reading thoroughly.

I read somewhere that physic exercise is good for health so I decide to be jogging every morning for thirty minutes, after a week I got discouraged because no one was there to motivate me.

In view of dimensions of self-described, I think the dimensions that contribute to my resume are physical description (height), personal traits(being generous), andsocial roles(member of the football club).

In terms of the dimensions of self-shown I would describe myself as “known to me but not others” since I am always motivated by my childhood experience, which is not known by any of my current friends.

A number of people express their personal needs in a different way from one situation to the other, especially the esteem needs where they hold their self-esteem high but lack physiological needs such as friends.

Personally I am ambitious, outgoing, motivated, approachable, and responsible while professionally I am resourceful, self-sufficient, self-starter, energetic and tactful.

I have a mutually trusting relationship with my friend after full investing into the relationship, sharing everything and not keeping secrets, being tactfully honest, acknowledging my friend’s feelings and thoughts, and being reliable to each other

Self-disclosure can improve relationship and improve connecting with groups as well as public speaking. It also improves teamwork as well as relationships because it involves sharing information about oneself, thoughts and emotions.

In employment interview the interviewee both interviewee and interviewer are offered adequate information for establishing whether the skill sets as well as qualifications of the candidates are suitable.

Resources related to employment in our community workforce connections, employment services and retirement employment services all seeking to improve the life of unemployed and old people in the community.

I had a conflict with my workmate at a café where I work part-time. The conflict was solved by determining the common agreement areas then came up with alternatives with the intention offinding solutions that satisfy the needs of everyone.

I think collaboration is the best strategy for solving conflicts because it allows the conflicting members to work together so as to come up with a win-win solution. Besides that, collaborating strategy brings about mutual trust as well as respect.

During a church function I had a conflict with another church member on who was supposed to chair the youth group. Knowing the conflict was depicting us negatively I decided to allow the other person to lead the group, which consequently made him feel the guilt and asked we share the responsibilities.

American Culture

  • Hodgepodge

  • Delightful

  • Agnostic

  • Informative

  • Beautiful

Chinese Culture

Guanxi – connections

Gu gong – National palace

Liemao – politeness

Zi Jin cheng – Forbidden City

Li – Courtesy


Ned Kelly’s Helmet 28REFLECTIVE JOURNALS B 1

The Australian Flag





With our plan currently concentrated on delivering more trustworthiness from our end users, much emphasis has been placed across the business so as to improve key performance indicators (Tesco, 2014).

In order to meet the needs of other cultures a number of movies have been translated such as Madagascar and Gnomeo and Julia. A number of Americans movies’ titles have been translated in other cultures; for instance,Die Hard series in Germany was translated into Die Slowly, The Glass Trap in Poland, andVery Hard to Die in Greece.

The global financial crisis in 2008 left a close friend of our family jobless, because the company he worked for had to lay off numerous workers to remain profitable. In my view, this was unethical because the crisis was brought about by poor policies and not workers.

Undeniably, I would use Theory Y because the control processes are anchored in the employees’ self-control and results in effective management because of participative management. Besides that, it allows employees to take part in decision making; thus, facilitating creativity and innovation.

There are a number of Expat networks online, but the most utilized one is the ExpatFriends.com which is a global network having over three million members where members meet other expatriates, socialize as well as create meaningful relationships.

The hardest assignment while oversees is being communication officer in a country where the language is totally different. Lack of understanding because of language barrier will result in unproductive working environment.

My primary groups is without doubt my family whom we share both personal as well as emotional personal bonds. My friends are also part of my primary groups because we are always together. The secondary group on the other hand has no strong emotional ties and does not need a person to develop as well as maintain the relationships.

It is better to work alone when handling tasks that are of personal benefit, especially those that do not need frustration or time wastage.

Most conflicts arise between the storming stage and the norming stage; therefore, I think a non-member can help reduce the arising conflicts by offering suggestions and views that could help the group work collaboratively without much conflict.

In a class discussion group every team member was given a role; my role was the elaborator, whereby I was expected to give suggestions based on developed meanings or examples. When one member left the group I was given his role which involved seeking information.

In the community a group was formed to distribute food to the homeless people living in the streets of the city. I left the group after we ran out of resources, and there was no enough money to buy more resources.

In a previous group that I was a member, a number of issues arose, but we always solved them by brainstorming and coming up with solution that satisfies all the members of the group.

By applying the cost benefit analysis framework I am certain that my future decision of advancing my studies will succeed, because the framework provides me a formalized as well as systematic set of procedures, which I used to examine whether the decision can be implemented.

I prefer working in a team, because it generates outcomes that are of higher , which are more effective, efficient, faster and thoughtful. Besides that, in a team there is mutual support and a person can achieve more than what may be achieved while working individually. Furthermore, better solutions are realised.

For me, I would choose a reliable person who is prepared to challenge my opinion if he/she considers it ineffective. Furthermore, I would choose self-effacing and selfless person who puts the needs of the team ahead of his needs.

I admire United States president, Barrack Obama because he defied all the odds to be elected as the first black president in United States. Obama has been a leader since his early days at Harvard University.


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