27th August 2011 Essay Example

Topic: Cheating in Sports

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27th August 2011

The increasing level of competition in different sports such as athletics and the personal desires and ambitions of the sportsmen to win gold medal and witness their flags raised in the eyes of billions of people across the globe is one of the greatest reasons why cheating in sport has also taken a centre stage in many places. Cheating in sports can be viewed as methods used by sportsmen such as athletes to enhance their performance in a competitive event (Franke & Berendonk, 1997).

Cheating in sport may involve the use of an equipment that is not allowed in a given sport or altering the condition of an equipment in order to get an enhanced performance in a given sport. Cheating in sport may also involve injuring or harassing other sportsmen in order to get unfair advantage over them (NOVA, 2004). Hover, one of the common ways of cheating in sports in the modern sporting environment is doping. Doping is defined as the use of drugs that enhance performance in sports.

This is commonly done by athletes who desire to beat others in athletes and win gold medals. This explains the reason why many sports body such as the International Olympic Committee ban the use of drugs during sporting events. Science has been widely applied in doping such as the manufacture of anabolic steroids (NOVA, 2004). The function of anabolic steroids is to increase strength in the body and increase the size of the muscles (NOVA, 2004).

Since these type of drugs have major side effects such as deepening of the voice which may not be admirable in female, scientists have established new means of making anabolic steroids such as nandrolone and androstenedione which have minimal androgenic effect (NOVA, 2004). Drugs such as androstenedione which are manufactured through science were used in the 1970s by athletes but they were later banned by IOC late in the 1990s.

It is imperative to note that science is till applied to find the cheaters. In the contemporary scientific world every sportsman is supposed to give a sample of his blood which is then tested using very highly refined equipments such as microscopes to establish any foreign elements in the blood. This means that whatever the athletes may consume to enhance their performance in the field the likelihood of being caught and found are still very high using the same science that manufacturers the performance-enhancing drugs.

However, some sporting bodies such as Major Baseball League (MBL) permit the use of this drug in different sports even today (Franke & Berendonk, 1997). The benefit of science in sports is that such drugs enhance the performance of athletes by giving the athletes extra energy in sports. However, the limitation of science particularly in doping is that all the above mentioned drugs have side effects and continued usage may cause other illnesses such as unnecessary increase in weight.

Science is also the major reason why major sportsmen have failed to meet their life opportunities after being banned from sports after they were found to have used drugs to enhance performance (Franke & Berendonk, 1997). Specialized swim suits are other products of science which have hit the headlines in the recent past. Specialized swim suits enhance the performance of the swimmers by giving the swimmers extra spring which pushes them forward faster than the rest.

In another way, these suits can be perceived as a form of cheating in swimming sport because they give the swimmer an added advantage over the others. However, issues such as training in different attitudes such as higher or lower attitudes cannot be categorised as a form of cheating in sport because it is a way of enabling the body to adapt to cool or warm temperatures.


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