26th July 2011 Essay Example

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Topic: Reflective Journal

26th July 2011


I attended the team building session together with subordinate staff in my department in January 2011. This was a learning situation that helped me develop better management and collaboration skills with my staff members. It was indeed an event that cemented the bond between all of us in the department. It helped us understand that each member of the staff in the department is instrumental in the success of the department.

Critical analysis

The event above occurred after performance in my department began to dwindle. A close look at the reasons behind the dwindling performance revealed that as the manager I was disconnected from the rest of the staff members and could not address the issues raised by my subordinates in time. It means that as the manager I failed to create the close relationship with my subordinates which also created numerous differences and conflicts of roles in the department. The event was therefore a learning situation because the team building session enhanced the collaboration and relational skills which enabled everyone in the department appreciate the input of his colleague. Team building is indeed an important instrument that can raise the output of the employees in the organization.


I will continue to use the knowledge I acquired in the team building session to enhance a close a relationship with my subordinates. This will impact my professional practice as a departmental manager by improving my attitudes towards other subordinates in the department. I will therefore handle my subordinates with care knowing that they are part of the success of the department. This is possible because it requires my change of attitude towards my subordinates by appreciating the efforts of each of my subordinates. In future, I will need to eliminate the gap between my subordinates and myself and increase the contact with my subordinates to increase the output of the department.


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