Climate Vulnerability, Adaptation and Resilience Essay Example

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•1. What is important in/about this week’s subject material?

The week’s subject material has an important discussion regarding Climate Vulnerability, Adaptation and Resilience. The manner at which the subject matter is presented with demonstrations in the videos is also important. The examples given about the limits of adaptation and factors influencing adaptive capacity are also important in understanding more about the subject.

•2. Why is it important?

The subject matter is very important since it helps the learners understand the issues associated climate vulnerability. It is also important because one realizes that adaptation of climate change helps in the reduction of the associated vulnerability and enhances the resilience of the anticipated and observed effects of climate change. The subject matter also enhances gaining of knowledge about the appropriate functions and practices that people should carry out to reduce climate vulnerability. It enhances the learning of how environmental and social processes change leading to climate change. One understands the limits of climate change adaptation such as human, ecological, and physical systems. Economic problems increase because of poor adaptive capacity whereby dealing with the climate situation is expensive. It is possible to understand how the GDP is influenced by climate vulnerabilities.

•3. Why did this information stand out for you?

This information helped me to understand my responsibility in coping with impacts of climate change and my roles towards prevention of climate change. Through this information, I acknowledged that adaptation of climate vulnerability could occur in human, ecological, and physical systems. I understood that change of human activities that lead to pollution could help in eliminating environmental degradation. According to my opinion, this is very important information that the society should use in real life to cope with climate change and help in changing the nature of the environment.

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