232 COM 5-1 Discussion: Your Card—The Business of Your Brand Essay Example

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Business Card: Kinast Artur

The card I have chosen is for Kinast Artur, a freelance graphic designer. This card exemplifys the quality of his style of design. According to his facebook page, Kinast provide advertising, orint design and digital photography. He has worked as a graphic desighner aat StarFlowers Agencja in Chorzow, Poland. Kinast is also the author of sollitude studios blog -http://blog.thesolidstudios.com/post/22268514869
232 COM 5-1 Discussion: Your Card—The Business of Your Brand

Kinast Design – Business card

The card is kept simple with selective but sufficient information; mainy contactsphone number, email and social network frofile. A look at his project on facebook, his style is of great quality with solid colors mainly black, white and green. This is also reflected in his personal card containing his log centered at the back and his experience and contact information on from side of the card. The front side also cotain his name and profession which could be replaced with restaurant name – Pasta Amore and its location. This is information is clearly visible- written in white on a black background. The writig on the card are plain and simple and also has some free space that could be used for writing by recipeint if necessary. Clearly, this is acreative work from the author for promoting his personal business ‘Kinast Design’.