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Follow Up Post

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Oculus Virtual Reality

It is with no doubts that Oculus virtual reality is one of the most powerful innovations in the virtual world today. The faith the young company has gotten from Facebook shows that the technology has a great future and may highly be embrace in diverse applications other than gamming and videos. Oculus use makes one feel as if he or she is actually in the virtualized world. The technology monitors the head movement in the real time. The users mind is wan into the simulation such that one can nearly believe to be fully in this world (Parkin, 2016). These are some of the features that make the Oculus VR very powerful and to be possibly applied in marketing. The interaction that this technology gives to the user is very powerful such that it would easily be used by different companies to create brand attachment with the consumer. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this is a new technology in the market and it is quite expensive based on the fact that, one will not only need the Oculus virtual reality hardware, but also a powerful personal computer to handle the interface. This may slow down its use particularly at home. However, the current intention of developing Gear VR to be integrated with smartphone may highly solve this problem. Moreover, the technology is being highly embraced by different companies, which clearly show its great future in the digital marketing industry. The involvement of Microsoft in its further development creates great hope for future advancement of this technology and thus, more is anticipated (Parkin, 2016).

The Smart Watch

I do agree that the invention of smart watch has highly transformed life of people, and with high level of competition in the market, digital companies are working to diversify the functionality of their products as much as possible. Initially, smart watch was designed to be used either individually or paired with smartphone to offer features such as location directions, GPS coordination, stock access, call ID checking, messaging via video or text, making calls, and offering fitness monitoring aptitude among others. Today developers are trying to expand smart watch use to accommodate advertisement. Although this has been anticipated for long, digital advertising agencies are currently rushing into developing marketing messages and ads for promising industry. Actually, around 15000 individuals employing Golfshot app in mid months of 2015 experienced a message taking over their android-based smart watches screen for about five seconds. The message began with “Sponsored by”. This acted as one of the initial wearable ads to be implemented (Kharif, 2015). It is anticipated that more companies will take advantage of the smart watch functionality for advertisement. Thus, it is true to say that there is a lot of innovation going on all over the digital world and more is anticipated. Thus, the advancement of smart watch use and technology is not limited, more will be coming up and it may offer more functionalities that replace smartphone in the future, though at the moment, we can confidently say that we are not yet there, and we may never reach there.


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