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A letter to my younger self

I take this time to write a letter to you as you know I travel overseas to study my degree level. With my stay here at school, I missed things, which I used to do while at home, school and with my friends. My aim of writing this letter is to advise you on several things you need to understand at your younger age. The advice that I will give, some will be beneficiary to you and some will not. All advice am giving are important to you but just take only those which will make your life and to be of success and a mentor to others. The advices are as follows;

First, build a good name. Try and make people happy, especially your loved ones, do not cross their lane, do good things to them, embrace their names, appreciate them for any little things they did for you and do not forget to humble yourself down to earth.

Second, read good books and respect your teacher. Whether at school or home, you should always read good books. These are books which can add value to your life, enlighten your skills and your education. Watch good movies, documentaries that can make you to define the meaning and importance of life.

Third, you are not in control of other people’s emotions. When your friends or family get mad at you, do not react to them negatively instead you listen to them without utter a word until they finish what they saying.

Fourth, is about time. Time yourself in everything you are doing since time is the most valuable resource in this world (Langberg et al). Time always moves forward, but can never go backwards, that is why we say, time wasted can never be recovered. Make use of every single second without regretting about it.

Fifth, do not be afraid of having an opinion. Appreciate yourself whenever you have an opinion, do not feel moody or disappointed when raising an opinion in front of people. Even if you fall under the minority side just take heart and appreciate yourself.

Sixth, practice moderation in whatever thing you do. Moderation is something important, as it makes you to be orderly in whatever you do. Practice it everywhere and your life will be of success.

Lastly, always give yourself a way out. When arguing with friends or having a beef with people around you, do not always make a crap to them, but rather walk away from them. This is a sign of avoiding many problems with your friends and respecting yourself.

Myself at the age of four

I remember very clearly, on things I love do to when I was four years old. I used to play with my pet all the time and treating him like a mere human being. There is a time when my parents left the home to go to work and my siblings they were in school. I was left alone at home, I decided to go and sat in the garden looking at the beautiful trees and flowers around our home. After sometimes, I heard of some movements around the garden, the movement’s sounds familiar to me and I did not pay too much attention to it rather I focused on the flowers and trees around. As I was focusing on the trees around, I spotted a fruit tree and move close to it. I climbed the tree and the smell the leaves around before taking any action on the fruit itself. The leaves smell juicy, I decided to have a taste of the fruit and I found it was more than yummy. The fear I encounter was the loneliness around and also during the process of climbing the tree. I did not encounter any fear of being alone and in the process of climbing the tree.

Third person

When she was four years old, she used to be close a to her pet most of the time. She loved her pet more than her siblings. One day her parents leave the house to the workplace and her siblings left to school, she was left alone at home, she went and sat at their garden behind their home admiring the beautiful trees and flowers her dad planted some years ago. After a while, she had a movement in the garden, the movement sounds familiar to her. She decided to ignore the movements and focusing on the beautiful trees and flowers in the garden. In the process, she spotted a fruit tree in the garden, this fruit tree resembles familiar to her. She moved closer to the tree and found it was a grape tree. She loved grapes, they are her favorite fruits, and she decided to go and climbed the tree and took a good number of them for her satisfaction, since she had a taste of them some few days at their house.

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