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This is a program under the software and the telecommunication engineering marvel. It was implemented first in Kenya. The first attempt of its use was made back in the year 2007. From the word “M-Pesa,» we have «M» standing for mobile as «Pesa» being a Swahili word meaning «Money.» Therefore the software is based on money transfer using the mobile. It was invented by an individual who then went ahead and shared a contract with the Safaricom network as well as the Vodacom, a Vodafone telecommunication branch. It allowed the transfer of money from one person to the other despite their diversity in location. It started with the provision of money depositing, money withdrawal as well as money sent. (Mas, 2009, pp. 82)

The funding software was targeting the entities in the commercial department aiming at the creation of impact to the markets. The Vodafone Company was then given an award of a million dollar to match the development of the products which could leverage the technology in the mobile phones thus bringing the difference in the delivery of financial services. (Mbiti, 2011, pp. 17)

Overview of the lay persons

A lay person is an individual who doesn’t have specialized or professional knowledge on a particular subject. Therefore, the lay people hardly believed in the working and the success of the system. They could not imagine that one could be sent money from one person to the other in consideration of the diverged geographies positions. It was a reason to the overruling illiteracy among people. Besides, a large number of them were not familiar with the usage of the mobile device. Therefore they didn’t get the sense of the M-Pesa services.

Importance of technical breakthrough in the Marvel

The Marvel has been of significant to the society and the nation at large. Through the depositing, the withdrawal as well as the sending of money, a fee is charged. Therefore the charges deducted are used to pay their employees. Therefore, the introduction of the system was a source of employment to the citizens of the nation. Besides, the software applies to the Safaricom network. Therefore the company has had chances for rapid growth and development. (Mas, 2009, 87)

Everyone has the mandate to open an account and participate in the offering of the services to the customers. Therefore the services are readily available since the Safaricom agents are all over in the country. Therefore, each town or market has numerous business running offering the agency services to the people of the lands. (Buku, 2012, pp. 402)

A system is a time-saving software. As compared to the older ways of money transfer, the software leads to safe on time wasted one going the registered offices to collect money in the form of parcels. The use of packages had high insecurity thus one could easily lose the patch as compared to the modern marvel that is offering security to the nation. Only an individual can withdraw the sent money. Besides, on time wasting, one doesn’t need to go and make a queue in the bank during cash deposit, cash withdrawal as well as offering any other service to the people. It is as illustrates by Mbiti in pp.1

The M-Pesa software is a convenient way of developing the innovation of the room. As a result, the program is comprised of the older banks and the services are available at any hour of the day. Therefore one can perform the transactions anytime through the personal mobiles. Besides, the introduction of the software led to the development economically of many departments involved. As an example, the mobile selling company highly developed as a result of the invention of the M-Pesa services. Also, the Safaricom has also grown greatly as a consequence of the innovations and inventions. (Mbiti, 2011, pp. 15 )

As a result of the change in the services offered as well the modification of the available products, the M-Pesa has moved to a greater lever where their services have been controlled by regulations set. The provisions set are a source as well as a strategy of curbing the frequently occurring corruption cases as well as insecurities. It was documented by Mas in the year 2009 at pp. 79

Since registration to the software no charges are made as well as the depositing of money is free, the service is of the high standard. Therefore, the software has been of better use as compared to the utilization of the banks which are known for making some charges for little activities.

Engineering Challenges faced at the time of conception

In the implementation as well as the training on the use of the M-Pesa services there was a variation of difficulties. Therefore, as recorded in the, a session as illustrated in a documentary by Buku in the yeah 2010 at pp. 375 we realize that there is a lot of illiteracy among people in the society as well as the business ATM. Therefore the illiterate made the people of the land not be able to get. Thus they needed training on how to use the mobile and how to access them-PESA services.

There are economic challenges that were faced in the introduction and the implementation of the system. As a result of the need for more capital to expand the business. Many people went for loans to be the art of the servicing department. Besides, the service was prone to theft as the clients were not aware of the possible frauds. The profitability was low due to the small number of users to earn more users as well as servants. (Buku, 2012, pp. 379)


The M-Pesa services is a necessary application and program to everyone in the world thus all people should be able to access it. It has brought about the growth of nations economically as well as the marketing of the source. Besides, the invention of the program also promoted the development of the communication sector. It is, as a result, everyone trying to own a mobile which is also used in the field of communication,


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