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Fiber optic


  1. The fiber optic companies such as Finisar Corporation and Alliance Fiber Optic Inc should continue with the effort of making more fiber optic which is lighter and produces broad bandwidth.

  2. People should continue using fiber optic rather than coaxial fibers since optical fibers are more beneficial than copper wires in this modern technology. For example they provide high data security.

  3. The evidence indicates that NASA should keep reporting to fiber optic companies challenges of using optic fibers in space to enhance production of more durable optical cables.

  4. The evidence shows that the Aeronautical Radio Incorporated should improve on fiber optic installation to a great aircraft to increase ease of communication.

  5. The research has shown that for better reduction of optic fiber usage problems there should be more institutions training advanced optical fiber usage and control in all avionic related courses.

  6. To aviation industry, optical fiber should be the fundamental mode of communication to reduce cost of production

  7. Research should continue on development of optical fibers that have the broad bandwidth to ease and enhance advanced avionic communication in future.

  8. For the time being the coaxial cables should continue being used in large aircraft as we await the proper installation of optical fibers.

  9. The SAE AS-3 Fiber Optics and Applied Photo tonics should try to improve the hardness of optical fibers threads to allow a good defense against harsh environmental conditions, especially in aerospace exploration.

  10. Evidence has shown that for active fiber optic research, governments support and donations from well-wishers should be increased to reduce the cost of production.