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  • 1. the concept of attribute and metric; and 2. the importance of having a right technique for a particular type of measurement.

1. the concept of attribute and metric; and 2. the importance of having a right technique for a particular type of measurement. Essay Example

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Attribute and Metric and right Technique for a Measurement

Section 1

What is not Measurable Makes Measurable’

The weight of an immeasurable object can be measured through other mechanisms particularly deduced from traditional approaches. In particular, the eight of an elephant, which is essence, assumes an irregular shape can be measured with its measurable produce such as droppings. By accounting for the diameter of its droppings, the weight of the animal can be computed using a comparative approach or ratio approach alongside other known weight of animals or animals particularly of smaller sizes. The measurement is often produced alongside a known layer of weights presented on a table. The accompanying information in the table can be deduced from gauges utilized as part of zoos for sustenance and pharmaceutical purposes. In principle, the animal height can be resolved from a known walk length. One should utilize a lever or support, whose main obligation is to measure the weight of the unknown alongside the known weight placed on sides of the pivot.

One can put the elephant on one side and utilize an extensive exhaust compartment, with a known weight, on the other side. In the determination of the weight of an elephant, it is clear that the elephant has an irregular shape and could be perceived as potentially capable of deriving proportionate size of the animal through immersion in water. However, in the event that such an animal is immersed in water and its volume is measured by virtue of the displaced water, it is impossible to equate this volume to the weight of the water and thus, the weight of the animal indeterminable.

An animal of known mass can be used to define the weight of another by virtue of their ratios of diameters of their droppings. Another element of proportionate reference to the animal is the droppings that could be taken as the benchmark for weight determination. Based on the known and measurable diameter of the droppings, the weight of the animal can be calculated based on this old age approach, assuming no contemporary measures exist. The use of animal droppings as a mechanism of measuring the weight of an animal can be expressed as a function of the modern ratio technique.

Software and Software Development Immeasurable

Software maintainability and flexibility are often considered immeasurable. Essentially, the quantification of maintainability has been one of the most sort after measure but has been quite challenging to obtain. However, maintainability has been the most typical terminology in software development. It is associated with adaptable programming and essentially diminished long-term costs of technology applicable. Viability of software cannot be guaranteed if the maintainability is not determined. Although viability is characterized with a framework of different measurements based methodologies, the measure of maintainability is often hard to determine (Lorenzi & Bloomrosen, 2009).

This disarray can however be clarified and settled by considering viability as a term, and create measures of practicality that will eventually help define maintainability. The adoption of the definition of maintenance can create many challenges to the users as it is subject to multiple and potentially confusing definitions. In software development and based on viability, maintainability is one of the probably most desired elements but often hard to achieve in absolute terms since viability is only gauged in the long-term.

Selecting EMRS Vendors

Initially, consider the vendors who offer to supply as far as the final gain to your organization are concerned. Considering the gains of the EMRS used is pivotal to make purchase decisions for the EMRS. This process plays a key role in starting and driving the assessment of different vendors. Consider every advantage that one may accomplish as well as utilize them as the benchmarks for assessing every EMRS vendor. In this case, reason out alongside these elements of benefits to consider the vendor that accomplish the goals and establish an assessment of the possibility and sufficiency of the vendors. This aspect enables one to realize the organizational goals that are set for EMRS usage.

Furthermore, consider the genuine EMR cost. EMR sellers utilize different evaluation models. There are extra costs that must be considered while assessing the genuine cost of an EMR. Obviously, the cost of the EMR programming is in society’s domain. There may be other programming required to make purchases. Assess the distinction in cost between your present IT framework and the future requirements for that EMR (Lorenzi & Bloomrosen 23).

Thirdly, there is a major issue in the EMR choice room called EMR boost cash. Nevertheless, the EMR boost cash can be an essential piece of the EMR determination hence important areas of interest in connection to EMR choice. The most critical thing to consider with the EMR jolt cash is whether an ‘affirmed HER’ and the ‘essential use’ prerequisites will make your training less effective. One way this could happen is by choosing an EMR seller that qualifies one for the EMR jolt, yet is not extremely usable. This aspect is a software consideration that may limit the shortcomings of a particular software product.

Similarly, one ought to consider the EMRS User Interface, typically called EMRS UI. One of the hardest parts of an EMR to judge is the EMR programming’s UI but then it may be the most imperative thing one do. At the center of the UI, one ought to make the inquiry, how usable the EMR is. If effective, EMRS vendors allow an individual to monitor and conceive the possible outcomes of the EMRS programme.

Section 2

Mechanism of Enhancing the Chance of Best Selection of Vendor

Size of the Vendors: In enhancing the likelihood of choosing the best seller, a few extra factors are fundamental. For example, Evaluating EMR Vendor’s Size and Focus will be basic. While choosing an EMRS Vendor, it is important to understand the genuine size of your EMR merchant and relate it to its value chain as far as product delivery capacity is concerned. When discussing size, one way to consider is the quantity of EMR operations an EMR vendor has in your disposal. Numerous EMR sellers are endeavoring to be the one all-inclusive EMR for all fortes, yet actually, EMR merchants have a tendency to end up noticeably great at specific strengths (Lorenzi & Bloomrosen 37). You have to ask your EMR merchant about their addresses that will enable you to see what numbers in your categories are utilizing their EMR. Contacts are often considered for security purposes.

Vendors address: At that point, you need to assess the use of vendor’s addresses by vendors against the aggregate number of EMR usage by that EMR merchant. This consideration will form an important area of focus in the selection process. Likewise, worth considering is an EMR merchant with two EMR usage in your claim to fame may at present be a gigantic association with many EMR executions in different perspectives.

Other EMR merchants may have countless usage in your pursuit; however, they are yet considered a little organization since they just concentrate on your areas of concern. In addition, Each EMR merchant approaches the information you make in their EMR programming unique. Who possesses the information put away in your EMR is a decent thing to ask EMR sellers. Try not to acknowledge a basic answer that will not recount the entire story. For instance, they may reveal to you that you claim the EMR information (Lorenzi & Bloomrosen 15). Effective EMRS programming also ensure that the undertakings are consistent and simple to engage. Nevertheless, on the off chance that they give no real way to you to get the information out other than their EMR, you are not the proprietor of the information, which is a noteworthy danger to the wellbeing records.

Metric for Comparison in Submission by Vendors

Cost of Monthly Subscription: One of the most important metrics for comparing between different vendors is the cost of monthly subscription. Some vendors provide between 3 and 5 years constituting of immense upfront fees. In some cases, there are free EMRS systems that are offered. The monthly fee is a common offer given by many vendors in the EMRS market. EMRS vendors also provide their software and related updates to software for a month or so of the monthly fees per provider. This pricing model is the fact that if one has a problem with the EMRS software usage, one ends up with only a single month of use of the software.

This aspect also implies that the EMRS vendors are mostly motivated to assist in successful implementation of the programme such that the subscribers do not end up terminating their enrollment for the service (Lorenzi & Bloomrosen 21). This metric is therefore important for the evaluation of the best vendors for supplying the product. The presence and size of monthly subscription should form one of the basis for evaluating an EMRS vendor.

Second Metric

Use Cases: Another metric that can give great outcomes for this situation is the ‘use cases’. The manipulation of ‘use cases’ is another approach that helps customize the demo. In this regard, you give the EMR merchants an arrangement of commonplace situations that are played out in your office. At that point, you can analyze how each EMR seller addresses the ‘use cases.’

In this situation, one ought to guarantee that EMR. Vendor goes through the entire natural flow of a patient through the EMR system. This practical engagement ensures that the vendors have a taste of the experience that the recipient has in due course. Besides, it provides an avenue in which counterfeit of substandard product can be detected before actual purchases is made. In the event that the product is identified to have a flow, then, the organization simply forfeits the actual purchase and avoids risk of loss from ineffective purchases of EMRS. It provides an opportunity to evaluate the understanding of the vendor on the desired outcomes and therefore.

Third Metric

Hard Questions: Finally, it is important to pose hard questions as an assessment of reasonability. For instance, you might need to get some information about the dependability of the organization as to whether it is a private or open organization as well as readiness for what is to come. You might need to ask them what might happen if the EMR seller disappears. The rationale behind this consideration is that one ought to try to know for example if the information put away in the EMR versatile relative to other EMR vendors. A few people are hesitant to solicit these sorts of consideration from examining questions. Nobody truly needs to imagine a scenario where you need to switch EMR organizations for unknown reasons. In any case, it is flawlessly okay to pose hard questions (Lorenzi & Bloomrosen 18). Determination of an EMR is something that will end up being a noteworthy piece of your central consideration thus these inquiries are essential.

Work Cited

Lorenzi, Nancy M., et al. «How to successfully select and implement electronic health records (EHR) in small ambulatory practice settings.» BMC medical informatics and decision making 9.1 (2009).

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