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1/06/ 2011

Most of their services are not tangible which have a heterogeneous output. Consumption of services take place upon production hence they cannot be stored.
Minor tangible or physical aspects are exhibited with wholesalers and retailers being part of this service sector.

  1. Service shops

Some their entities of service characterize professional and mass service types. Their customization degree, customer numbers and staff places them in between mass and professional service businesses. Examples include restaurants, hotel chains, cafés, banks, car repair workshops and print shops.

  1. Mass service entities

Many customers are involved, each requiring limited customization and limited staff time. Most of the staff is non-professional. Equipment may be involved in the service with the focus being on the delivered entity more than the criteria of delivery.
Examples are airline companies, bus and train companies, post offices, telecommunication companies, electricity suppliers and public service organisations.

  1. Professional service firms

The Staff is a professional who provide one to one services to the customer. Customers are relatively few in spite of the large staff numbers. The customer has a unique production process; People rather than equipment with emphasis on the service delivery criteria more than on what is delivered. The front office is thus given an upper hand compared to the back office. They have limited equipment and no inventories are produced. Examples are accounting, medical, and management consulting, legal, and architectural businesses.


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