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Personal contribution to the team

Website designing is an important to us all as it increases our knowledge of programming and software development. In designing the website I was assigned the responsibility of developing HTML 5 codes. This codes were to be developed when the menu were prepared and ready. For my part, HTML 5 scripts were not easier I had to consult team members as well various website with similar recipes. I was confident that they would manage even if my input were minimal. Nevertheless, since I failed to provide my feedback in time, I had to make the most of what I was given. The result could be considered a success because despite my limitations in that particular topic, I was able to overcome them and produce an output that was satisfactory proposal. I felt that I could have given more in return.

What worked well

The use of PHP as the scripting language for creating the web pages, proved to easier task among the group members. After debugging the codes HTML5 was used for the text content of web pages, while in laying out each page, including the Flash presentations and pictures, CSS is used to separate style from content on the web page. This worked well and it was exciting for each member. In selecting the theme a simple and clean appearance was considered and its selection was easier as an ornamentation. We Opted to have the content left layout with the side bar on the right since English is read from left to right so naturally the readers eyes would float left to start reading the web content before the eyes dart right to pick up content on the side bar. Since the website is built to have few pages the horizontal navigation bar is desirable since it offers at one glance all the pages of the website and makes navigation simpler.

Parts of the team’s that worked

As team we worked on colour choice, images and layout well. Since website aims at providing recipe solutions the colour brown needed to be prominent on the website. For this reason the link colour was changed to brown to go with part of the theme. The header images were also changed to a series of four images. Three of them have the colour brown very prominent to again maintain harmony with the brown links. The only other header image added to the header banner that was not brown showed what seemed to be bread. This is to build the sense of wonder since website is daring to go beyond the conventional, beyond the known and reaching for the stars.

Most of the images, especially in the header had their brown colour in the RGB image manipulation exaggerated to bring harmony with the brown colour in the rest of the theme. Most of the other Images are supposed to add a sense of mystery or wonder and bring a cutting edge look and feel to the web site. This is necessary since the general idea is website is not locking its self in any metaphorical boxes and just doing the unconventional and newest solutions.

What in your team didn’t work?

In the website design we faced many challenges among them the codes failed when running. This required debugging of the codes several times that took time. The codes for HTML and CSS proved to be difficulty. This are important scripts for website design as they provide text content of web pages. HTML5 has elements that are used to establish a programmable design that is helping in coding and scripting. It involves the creation of text-based commands that are supposed to yield computer-generated presentations for better visual attraction on the part of the end users of the website. HTML5 coding and editing instigate easier scripting procedures as well as creating a better visual presentation for the website created. Colour combination, background effects, texture and other elements that contribute to the presentation of the entire domain are all handled through HTML scripting.

Parts of your team’s work in this project that not work well

Planning was the main problem of the team as planning a website will make navigator experience easy and efficient for the sake of the development of the business in the field of e-commerce. Practically, this is the reason why it is very important for the programmers to find the best cause that they could get to be able to find the most effective procedures that could actually enhance just the regular functions of a website to practically and specifically address the specifications. When we failed at this point it became difficulty to design easily as we had no coordination.

In future I will propose the programmers to plan well before writing codes. Establishing a site that corresponds with the expectations of the target clients is crucial; hence the plans and specific information placed here are all directed towards the proper definition needed to impose a visual of the website to be created.

What did you find hardest about the challenge?

The challenge was hard when team members tried to avoid scripting which makes the project difficulty to complete. Since there was no defined leadership time management became a main problem among members. We had a lot of issues in managing our time, which at times was more of an inconvenience for us as well as for others. We also found it very difficult to carry out the script writing. Because of difficulty in the tasks , communication became greatest weak point. During the entire time, we found a number of instances were neither of us was on the same page. Working as a single unit would have been better for us in order to develop a website in a short span of time.

The hardest about the project

The hardest thing in design of the website was debugging the code after discovering errors.

The three things you consider most important about how the development team should work

In designing a future product for the customer, I will consider product features, product functionality and usability. Basic features of the product like one we designed are home, about us, recipes and blogs, as well as terms and conditions that represent the values of the product. It could be observed that somehow, the practicality of these features being included within the website concentrates on the idea of giving the target site users a chance to know the basics about the product. Product functionality includes embedding at least a box tab within the site for the sake of allowing the users have direct contact with the operators of the business. It could be observed that somehow, creating a feature such as this one would make it easier for the user to comment on the importance of the recipe. Along with this is a set of easily controllable navigation tabs that are designed to provide recipe features for the client. These tabs are basically designed to give the clients a chance to choose the recipes that are best able to define the practicality of the offers that site is ready to give to their clients.

Usability is important as the purpose of the product is achieved. With the impact of programming design commands imposed through the creation of website, it is expected that navigating the web pages would be much easier. The functions of the website also are supposed to follow through with the developments in the industry. This means that continuous innovation is exacted and suggested for the website creators to give particular attention to. It could be observed that with these particular innovations, the websites would actually be able to cater to the expectations of both the administrators and the clients who are to use the said domain for client transactions.


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