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Determining positioning of the brand (with reference to competition)

The position of the brand is quite unique concerning the competition. In this case, Penny the Pirate campaign for OPSM by Saatchi & Saatchi has an innovative touch having that it is one of a kind book that can also be used in testing the healthy levels of children’s eyes. This innovative campaign has limited competition due to the unavailability of such products in the market. This, therefore, makes the positioning of this product perfectly fit for the success of this brand in the minds of the customers, since there are no similar products in the market it is much easier to position this brand in the customer’s mind. Brand positioning the Penny the Pirate campaign has been an efficient drive. This has been instigated by the ability of this product to cut the public expenses on ‘non-working eye tests’ (AdNews, 2015).

The campaign has enabled young children to achieve better eye-health while also improving their reading skills. Thus, the campaigns position itself as the perfect alternative for ensuring good eye health in children by creating the perception of solving children’s eye health problems and improving their reading skills consequently. Vision problems among children in Australia has given the brand an opportunity to position itself as a solution to vision problems in Australia for instance, it is estimated that one out of every four children has vision problems and in most cases, half this number goes undetected. Therefore, due to the urgency of this matter the campaign is more likely to grasp the attention of more people and organizations consequently creating a niche for itself. It’s good to say the lack of competitors in this particular market segment and the uniqueness of this product positions the brand as the only solution to vision problems among children in Australia.

Analysis of desired audience reactions

The desired audience reaction to this particular campaign is projected to be quite receptive. This is attributed to the evident eye vision problems among Australia’s children. Therefore, the campaign is more inclined to appeal to this audience due to the growing awareness of the vision problems among children in Australia. The campaign creativity aspect also fosters the projected desired audience reaction. In this case, the advert starts off with a picture of a child’s eyes and a narration of the estimated figure of parents that are yet to take their children for eye test. This touch of creativity instantly grasps the attention of the target audience (Gearin, 2016). On the other hand, the narration also gives an option for this problem where they introduce the Penny the Pirate product. Hence, the narration in the campaign is keen to point out at the ease and efficiency of this product while also stressing out on its effectiveness. On the other hand, the unreliability of eye health tests increases the prospectus of the target audience reacting positively to the campaign. In this case, the campaign was inclined to be more appealing to the market due to these uncertainties (Lieu, 2016). In line with this Penny the Pirate appeared to be a better and conclusive option for parents to consider testing the eye health of their children. The campaign is keen to reveal to the target audience on how this product is a clinical eye test that has been illustrated in a children book, therefore, guaranteeing its legitimacy in testing the children vision. With a well-crafted campaign like this, the brand achieves its sole purpose of emotionally endearing its product to children’s health and thus seeking sympathy and increasing referrals for purchases among parents who make up part of the target audience.

Analysis of the effectiveness of the overall campaign

Penny, the Pirate campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi, is effective due to its clear correlation of the facts incorporated in the general advertisement and creativity. This, therefore, fosters a great influence on positive behavioral change on eye vision tests in children. Consequently, the strategic attention grabber was used to draw the attention of the public through the creation of awareness on the growing concern over children’s eye health in Australia. This attribute, therefore, made the advertisement increasingly more relevant to the public. In this case, the AD is also keen to acknowledge those eye tests are quite unpleasant; it then follows up by claiming that Penny the Pirate is a much more convenient option. In this case, more potential customers are drawn to this campaign due to this convenience attribute (Hubbard, 2016).

On the other hand, the campaign also points out on the issue that despite this product enabling parents to monitor the health of their children’s eyesight it also fosters their reading skills. Therefore, this campaign markets this product on its ability to give the parents a chance to solve two problems at ago thus, drawing more potential customers to the products campaign. This particular campaign has been named as the best marketing campaign in the year 2016 by Warc 100 rankings. On the other hand, this campaign effectiveness is also evident since it scooped the effectiveness awards in the year 2016 from D&AD and other various media (Lieu, 2016).


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