ОНS Inspection and Report Essay Example

4ОНS Inspection and Report

ОНS Inspection and Report

ОНS Inspection and Report

The following report was prepared in response to the inspection that was taken at the OHS sector. A checklist from which the report is drawn was filled up at the time of visit to the OHS facility under supervision. Several rules were provided to assist with the guidance on how to go about the inspection schedule.

The inspection on the OHS workshop was critically examined in accordance to the inspection list. The OHS workshop area does not meet the tidy standards that are expected with litter spotted on some areas. There is inadequate number of storage facilities, and as such the struggle to meet the storage measure remains a tall order. The floor remains slippery, full of obstructions from all ends. The coverings on the floor are neither in any better condition with torn areas ported on either ends. Te openings on the floor are not well covered to stop any case of falling incidences as may be projected.

The isles that are used for accessing the area are however big enough to accommodate the overwhelming numbers of persons who stream In and out of the OHS area all the time as required by the Australian bureau of statistics (Jonathan, 2014). There are, however, no clearly indicated walkways which are marked for passage or use by the lab technicians.

  1. Environment

The workshop has a cool temperature that facilitates good working mood. The lighting is well lit with the energy saving fluorescent bulbs and the strategically placed windows that allow in adequate light. The lighting covers are, however, secure with the lifting operational. The fresh air in the room does not allow for the accumulation of odours. There is enough ventilation both from the windows and the ventilation openings fixed on the uppers end of the walls which allow free circulation of air into the place. Noise is well controlled with ear muffs to the laboratory technicians as well as the visiting persons. As discussed by Jonathan (2014), communication in OHS, advised at personal level other than shouting from one end to the other.

  1. Emergency procedures

The OHS workshop has well written emergency procedures well indicated on the board on the wall in the premise. At the same time, there are copies of the procedures provided on the opposite walls for all to see. The fire extinguisher; however are not easily accessible and operational to anyone without required training taken prior to the case. From the observation taken, it is also realizable that the extinguisher had not been inspected for the past six months as required by emergency procedures. The guides for the visitors are however put in the required places. The alarm is in good working condition and is audible to everyone within the area if rang. There, are obstructions on the escape routes leading out of the place, which by itself is hindrance to safety procedures. The visibility of the emergency and hazard signage is proper with evacuation drills well carried out.

  1. First aid facilities

The first aid kits are well placed in located places and are accessible within five minutes when needed. The fist aid kits are well stocked with the dates of the contents well indicated as per the schedule. The persons who are in charge of performing first aid are also well indicated next to the first aid kits storage place with the patrons name indicated. Each first aider role is also written with qualification for each.

  1. General facilities.

The OHS facility does not have any washing facility for the workers use. There are no provided lockers for the staff to place their items while at work and no designated eating place for the workers. There are no specified EHS posters which are displayed for all to observe. Most of the general facilities are not provided for the workers to use.

  1. Manual handling.

The overalls used are provided with pockets to place the frequently used items available between the knees and shoulders for easy access. The very heavy items are stored within the waist height to allow for easy reach by the users. However, there are those items which are often used. They are provided to the room by the use of ladder pulleys and trolleys. There is proper store for the items within reach with adequate reliance. The facility does not , however, have adequate step bladders to access the items which are stored at a higher height.

  1. Environmental issues.

The OHS place does not have a well equipped facility for recycling the posters and any other paper facility that has been disposed and no longer needed. The lack of recycling attribute to the environmental condition of the area. Double photocopying is found to largely reduce the degree of papers wasted around the compound. There is, however, no display of notice encouraging photocopying on either sides of the paper to reduce wastage and littering at the same time.

  1. Electrical safety.

The portable equipment has indicative tags on them to advice for care when operating the same. The power leads are however, placed in very proper condition to stop any casualty. The power leads on the floor are well placed away from the walkways to ensure minimal contacts with people. The power boards used are however not on the double adaptors. In accordance to te instructions given by Australian bureau of statistics, Jonathan (2014), the facilities that are not operational are well, tagged out and kept aside from the rest.

  1. General workshop.

The signage on warning and safety are in good and proper working condition as determined in the report. The plant manuals and equipment are also current and fully available for all staff to access at the appropriate time of need. The workplace on the other hand is well locked out of food and drinks to avoid concentration lapse. At the same time there are minimal cases of drinks pouring on the electric cables.

  1. Chemical aspects.

The workshop clearly lacks chemical inventory and MSDS. However, the spill kits are fully provided and are in good and proper working condition. The containers with labeled chemical names, on the other hand are not available in the OHS workshop. The chemical storage is not provided in the facility. The gas cylinder which provides heat for heating substances in the workshop is in proper working condition, but the chemical labeling is not provided.

  1. Plant and equipment.

The area around is clean and neatly maintained by the working staff in charge. The access around f the plant clear with safe working instructions well placed in visible locations. Te plant has safety locks and as such cannot be accessed whenever closed by the security in charge. The plant equipment is regularly checked and well maintained with emergency stops fully and properly working as per the instruction. There is constant guarding of the facility to stop any kind of unauthorized access. The isle way is safe without any kind of protrusions and the seats provides in safe and appropriate places. The access ladders are also well maintained in well working condition.

  1. Waste disposal.

The waste bins are adequate in number and well indicated with diamond as well as the labels written in class diamonds. The drainage is clear from any kind of wastage which is stored away. The spill kits are also provided to cater for any spillage that may occur.

The PP is well stored and in correct condition. It is maintained correctly in the required condition and the signages of the PPE are also provided. The required PPE are equally available for the use by staff.


Jonathan, P. 2014, Work-Related Injuries. Australian Bureau of Statistics. Australia. 6324.

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