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Element of Australia’s Migration Program or Visa System: Humanitarian program

The humanitarian program is one element of the Australian migration program which is focused on the provision of permanent visas to the refugees and all the individuals in need of the humanitarian help (Lego, 2013). This is a program with the aim of offering permanent resettlement of the needy and desperate people from overseas. Through this program, the refugees and the displaced people acquire food, education, health care, security, water, and housing among other resources from the Australian government. The issue of many people leaving their home countries and going to other nations to seek for asylum is a global challenge that needs an urgent response. The issue is affecting Australia among other nations and through different programs (Lego, 2013), Australia has managed to offer maximum support to the needy people. Is the humanitarian program efficient in offering the required support to the refugees or those in need of such services? Although the resettlement of refugees in Australia is effective, it has been that way because of the implementation of refugee-humanitarian program, which focus on meeting the needs of refugees and other needy people.

The functions of the humanitarian program are to offer resettlement opportunities in the refugee camps for the re-unity of the refugees and other people in the same situations and their Australian families (Lego, 2013). The program also provides onshore protection to those who are already settled in Australia and those identified to be refugees as per the United Nation Convention connecting to the status of refugees. Moreover, the program provides offshore resettlement component thus demonstrating the Australia’s dedication towards offering refugee protection and resettlement of people from overseas. The program is also essential in not only protecting the refugees, but also in ensuring that they are able to go back to their home nations in peace and after recovering from the particular prosecution impacts (Lego, 2013).

The potential improvements towards the humanitarian program are; the changes of how refugees have access to visas allowing them to migrate from their home nations. There also needs to be some improvements on how permanent migration is enabled through making movement across the borders easier for the needy people (Lego, 2013). It is also important to improve the situation of live lived by the asylum seekers. In order to control the issue of some refugees arriving in Australia unlawfully, the Australian government should work towards the making the migration of refugees more enabled. There should also be the improvement of the relationship between Australia and the neighbouring nations to ensure that asylum seekers are provided the required support that would as well help in resettling them in the camps. It needs there to be some changes to help in the conduct of irregular migration of refugees at a reduced pressure.

This topic is relevant in this course since it would enhance the understanding of how migration of refugees is conducted in Australia and the Australian Government’s effort towards resettling needy people. Besides, this topic is relevant in understanding the process followed by the Australian in resettling those people seeking for settlement after being displaced from their home by conflict and other crises. It enables a learner to understand how law is applied in trying to ensure legal protection and resettlement of the needy populations. The topic also assists in understanding the migration Act 1958 and how it is implemented in Australia.

By writing this essay, there will be the achievement of knowledge associated with humanitarian program and how it is applied in Australia. It will also enhance the attainment of information regarding the Australia’s obligations and duties in migration issues. There will also be the achievement of knowledge related to how an essay is outlined and planned from the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The essay help in the proper conduct of research for the acquisition of data associated with a topic of discussion. Therefore, this essay will be useful in understanding the importance of a program aimed at resettling the humanitarian entrants not only to the beneficiaries but also to the affected nations.

The issues that are appropriate and that needs to be brought in attention in this essay are; the meaning of the migration program as applied in Australia. There is also the issue of government’s commitment in implementing this program. In addition, the issue of the future plans in relation to the implementation of the particular program is essential. Another issue is that of the law applied in the migration aspects and how those laws enhance the achievement of the set goals (Lego, 2013). Additionally, there is the issue of how the bodies based on migration matters offer their support to the countries having a huge number of refugees, such as Australia. Moreover, the issue of the cot incurred and the sources of money used in the resettlement of the humanitarian entrants needs to be considered. Women migrants and the effort to resettle them is another issue in the conduct of this program in Australia because are the most likely population to be in vulnerable situation in life as compared to men. The issue of human rights is also important if considered in the application of the humanitarian program.

This is important because it allows one to comprehend the general aspect about the resettlement of refugees in Australia and the legal process that has to be followed. It also enables in the understanding of what should be done when trying to meet the needs of those people who are prosecuted from their home countries as they look for support in the other nations. It is also essential in understanding that there are very many people suffering from discrimination in their home countries and who need support for them to live a peaceful and hopeful life. There is the understanding of the roles played by refugees in assisting their successful resettlement. It is also vital for there to be an order that is followed in the entrant selection process.


Lego, J. B. H. (2013). Humanitarianism in the Reception of Refugees: Implications, Contradictions, and Limitations. Asia Journal of Global Studies, 5(2), 81-93.